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Day You Were Born Information
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In addition to personalised details supplied, The Day You Were Born gift certificates includes the following information, where available:-
Name Meaning.
Number of days lived.
Most likely conception date! (Replaced if personalised message ordered).
Day of Week born and meaning.
Star Sign Summary.
Chinese Year Symbol.
Birth Stone.
Birth Flower.
Birth Colour.
Lucky Numbers.
Celebrities sharing your birthday.
Sensual Characteristics.
World News on the day you were born.
Medical Advances.
Reigning Monarch. (Irish Version: Reigning Pope).
US President.
Latest Royal Birth. (Irish Version: The Taioserch (Irish PM) for births after 1951- prior to this Irish PM was the President).
UK Prime Minister.
Opposition Leader. (Irish Version: President of Ireland).
Most Popular Film.
Most Popular Band.
Most Popular Singer.
Most Popular Song.
Most Popular Musical.
Most Popular Trend.
Female Oscar Winner.
Male Oscar Winner
Number of UK Babies Born.
Nobel Prize Winner.
Baby Talk.
Grand National Winner.
Golf British Open Winner.
Cricket Winner. (Irish Version: Hurling Winner).
Rugby Winner. (Irish Version: Gaelic Football Winner).
Wimbledon Winners.
FA Cup Final Result. (Scottish Version: Scottish FA Cup Final Result).
Heavyweight Boxing Champ.
World Snooker Champion.
Most Popular Band.

Cost of Living Comparison (Beer, Bread, Butter, Newspaper, House, Car, Inflation Rate, Yearly Wage, Gallon of Petrol, Cigarettes, Dollar to Pound).

For Baby Day You Were Born certificates, Cost of Living comparison is replaced by:  Place, Weight, and Time of Birth.  
Details Required From Customer
Full Name (Or Christian Name)
Date of Birth

Place of Birth (Baby Certificate)
Weight at Birth (Baby Certificate)
Time of Birth (Baby Certificate)

Optional Short Personalised Message (Up to 55 characters including spaces)